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According to the statutes governing Drivers Education, each student must complete 24 hours of classroom instruction, with no one session being more than 4 hours in duration. This equates to six classes, each lasting 4 hours.


On the first night of class, we will schedule the five remaining classes within two weeks of the first night based on what is best for the majority of class members.

  • Completed Registration Form, signed on all the signature lines

  • Cash or a check made out to "Cruisin' 2 Driving School"

  • Paper and a pencil


Use our Registration Form to register online, and feel free to call our office with any questions.

What to bring to your first day of class


We offer flexible scheduling to fit your schedule. Call today!



Scheduling classes

It is our practice to give priority to the oldest students (those who have had their permits the longest and can obtain their licenses first). Near the end of class, we list students' names on a board from oldest to youngest so that each student can see where he or she is in relation to the rest of class. Students are then contacted in the order listed. If a student is not available at a particular time, he or she will be called when another instructor has open time slots.

Scheduling driving

We do ask that students clear their calendars as much as possible for the two-week time frame. If, for some reason, a class is missed, we do provide make-up classes to allow for timely completion of classroom assignments. On occasion, missed session(s) may be made up during the next month's corresponding class(es).

Missed classes and make-up classes

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