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A: You can take your permit test at the exam station. You must be at least 15 years and 6 months of age in order to take the permit test.

First, with a parent, go to the exam station with your social security card and birth certificate. Then, take and pass the permit test. Once you have your permit, you need to go to the license bureau to get your learner’s permit.

Q: When can a student pick up a permit packet?


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Q: Where can I take my permit test?

A: If this happens, go to the license bureau and get a new permit. Make sure they put the old issue date on the new permit so you won't have to start the 6 month wait period over again.

Q: What if my permit expires before I get my license?

A: No, those 8 hours are in addition to the 50 hours you drive with your parents, meaning your total hours of driving should be 58. Remember that 10 of those hours with your parents must be in the dark.

Q: Do my 8 hours of driving with the instructor count toward my 50 hours of driving with my parents?

A: Yes, you will be driving 1-on-1 with a professional driving instructor.

Q: Is the driving 1-on-1?

A: You are eligible to take your driver's test six months from the date when you passed your permit test and received your permit.

Q: When am I eligible for my driver's test?

A: The driver's permit is good for 1 year.

Q: How long is my permit valid?

A: You should have all five of the following items:

    • I.D. card

    • Certificate of completion from Cruisin' 2 Driving School

    • Legal guardian

    • Money

    • Parent's social security card

    • Your 50-hour affidavit

Q: What do I have to take with me to my driving test?

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